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The 4th edition of the Kadzielnia Sport Festival will bring you two days of adrenaline, sports, chill-out, and music. Whether your greatest climbing achievement was scaling the wall in your mom’s garden or you’re a fearless pro, you’ll have the opportunity to try new activities, perfect your skills, or compete in disciplines that you’ve already mastered. We’ll also get professionals to present the proper technique and show off their breathtaking tricks. Climbing, slacklining, zip-line, BMX,    and skateboarding are just the highlights of the wide range of attractions, culminating in hammocks hung 40 meters above the ground. We will also hold the first ever concert in Kadzielnia’s basin!

Limited number of tickets! 

See the photos and video from the 3rd Kadzielnia Sport Festival.

Kadzielnia z lotu ptaka


If not for Kadzielnia, there would be no Festival. So far, the former quarry has been seen just as a good walking spot or a concert venue, as well as providing access to the underground tourist route. However, this place has so much more to offer! It’s the perfect space for all kinds of sports, whether urban or extreme. There are more than twenty climbing routes here, great conditions for setting up a slackline or zip-line, caving, and skateboarding. You don’t believe us? Even better. Drop by KSF and we will show you that Kadzielnia is a great source of inspiration :)

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  • Have you ever tried walking a line that is 2.5 cm wide and hangs several meters above ground?

    Well, we have, and we have to admit it’s no easy feat. However, some people are skilled well beyond taking a couple of wobbly steps…

    For the fourth time, Poland’s leading slackliners will come to Kadzielnia to show you the best of what slacklining can be. Some of them will compete in the Polish Trickline Championship. As we have seen in the previous editions of KSF, it’s not to be missed. If you want a taste, check out what they can do, including Rafał Kubiak, one of this year’s participants.

    Highline shows are one of the Festival’s greatest traditions. You can expect them this year as well, with several extremely showpiece routes prepared for the bravest of the brave. Seeing a person walk a line 25 metres above the ground is an unforgettable experience that will take your breath away.

    Want a taste of slacklining? Our trainers will be waiting for you with a special practice line, so if you’re willing to try, you’re welcome to lose your balance.

  • In this zone you can relax, have a bite, and listen to some tunes.

    Chill out and put your feet up wherever you like: in a comfy deck chair, a hammock, or straight on the grass. Grab some delicious food and then enjoy an amazing concert.



    This year, for the first time, KSF will include live music. In the evening of the first day there will be a unique performance by young Polish alternative music artists, especially for you.

    Before we invite you to this music feast, there will be more than enough other attractions in the zone. For example, only during the Festival can you go kayaking on the so-called Emerald Lake!

    Of course, we’ll also take make sure to satisfy your appetite in the more literal sense, by providing several food and drinks stands. We guarantee it’s going to be not only delicious, but also healthy and exciting.

    All this will take place in the basin of our beautiful quarry, where you’ll be able to watch trickline and highline feats, as well as zip-lining. The bottom line is that KSF is above all an extreme sports festival, so we’ll make sure you don’t forget it even for a minute.

  • This zone will be a paradise for climbers and cavers.

    After all, KSF is held in Kadzielnia, which is basically made of rocks and caves!

    For those who enjoy extreme experiences, we are preparing something really special. Would you like to appreciate the views of Kadzielnia while lying comfortably in a hammock? Well, we can offer you just that, except that the hammocks will be at the height of… 40 meters! You’re sure to remember the sights for a really long time.

    And that’s not all; this is also the zone for zip-lining. This year you can expect a unique experience, as we are putting together a long route with picturesque views guaranteed. If you need to calm your nerves after flying through the air, you can try walking across our rope bridge or scaling one of the climbing routes (there will be 10 of them and you can choose the difficulty level). We’ll also provide you with comprehensive information on rope techniques and self-belaying.

    In short: everything you need to know about mountain sports in one place, only five minutes from the centre of Kielce.

  • Bikes, skateboards, longboards…

    Most of us treat them as a means of transport or recreation, but there are some who can turn riding them into true art.

    Can you imagine dancing on a longboard? If not, here’s just a taste of what Natalia Kowerda can do. Dancing’s not your strong suit? Then you can try your hand at keeping the balance on a trickboard or performing acrobatics on a bicycle. Don’t worry, skateboarding and biking pros will be there to help you!  

    Apart from physical activities, this is also where you can get outdoors equipment, as well as unconventional clothing brands, including a treat for die-hard regionalists, who know that Kielce, and not Chicago, is the true Windy City.

  • Unforgettable moments guaranteed!

    Every year, we move mountains to bring you this festival; however, this year will be the first that we create actual hills for those that are not scared to fly.

    And all this so that you can watch BMX competitions, with riders defying gravity and performing the most extreme tricks possible.

    That’s not all: there will be downhill racing for extreme speed freaks. The race will be held on the steps around Kadzielnia, so you’ll get the chance to see the urban variety of this extreme sport; a bit different than usual, but equally spectacular.

    We provide emotions flying high, you just have to be there.

  • Fun for the little ones.

    We’ve come up with loads of activities for kids, so we can promise you they won’t get bored!


    Kids’ obstacle course, climbing routes suitable for children of different ages, and several lookout points. Do you think that extreme attractions are for adults only? We’ll be glad to prove you wrong. Under the supervision of our instructors, kids are guaranteed to have totally safe and secure fun. They’ll also have the opportunity to discover their hidden talents and skills, as well as find new passions.

    Once the kids are tired from all the fun and games, we invite you to the chill-out zone, where our chefs will be waiting to offer you healthy juices and a special kids’ menu.



Get them here: LINK.

➡ one-day: PLN 20
➡ two-days: PLN 30
+ extra $ for the zip-line & extreme hammocks at 40 meters above the ground

Limited number of tickets!


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